Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Magic at the Santa Ana Zoo!

It's Magic at the Zoo! 

While many of you may already consider the Santa Ana Zoo a sort of magical place where you can immerse yourself in nature and make the entire surrounding city disappear, on Tuesday, August 2, it will be magical for a whole different reason...

Come see professional magician Frank Thurston at the Santa Ana Zoo!
The Friends of the Santa Ana Zoo are proud to present the return of Frank Thurston to the Zoo in a one of a kind family comedy and magic showcase!

Frank has been a professional magician for over 26 years, entertaining people of all ages with feats of illusion and prestidigitation.  He has performed at numerous venues on the magic circuit and is a regular at fairs like our own Orange County Fair, as well as performing at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Join us at the Santa Ana Zoo right on the front lawn Tuesday, August 2 at 12:00 for a children's comedy and magic show. 
Frank always plays to his audience, and this show will be one for the kids.  He'll need a few volunteers, so pick a good seat and maybe you'll get to be part of the show!

This show is included free with your regular Zoo admission, so come explore the Zoo and visit your favorite animals, take a ride on the Zoofari Express and Conservation Carousel, and then settle in for a fun and amazing show.

Here's Frank Thurston during his last visit to the Santa Ana Zoo!

The Santa Ana Zoo is located at 1801 East Chestnut Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92701
(conveniently located just off the 5 fwy, parking is free)
Zoo hours are from 10am-4pm daily (10-am-5pm Sat/Sun)
Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for children/seniors, under 3 free
(714) 836-4000

For info on the Santa Ana Zoo, events, membership, and more, see our website at

The Santa Ana Zoo...  Home of the 50 Monkeys!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stork Visits the Santa Ana Zoo!

Stork Visits the Santa Ana Zoo!

Rare Monkey Born at the Santa Ana Zoo!

The Santa Ana Zoo in Prentice Park is pleased to announce the birth of a golden-headed lion tamarin on June 28, 2011. Closely related to the golden lion tamarin, golden-headed lion tamarins have a black body with a golden-orange face and hands. These rare monkeys are only found on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. Weighing less than 1 pound as adults, the babies tip the scale at about 1/8th of a pound!

Zoos have worked together for several decades on the conservation of this species. Captive breeding, habitat restoration and conservation, conservation education and reintroductions into the wild are all part of the international effort to protect this species. These births are a great boost to the conservation program. This is the first birth of this species at the Santa Ana Zoo. “The zoo keepers are proud to be part of the international conservation efforts for this remarkable endangered species,” says Ray Cosper, Zoo Curator. 

There have been three “first of the species” births at the Zoo this year (2011), the other two being silvery langurs and the giant anteater.

The new baby is on view for the public daily between 10:00AM and 4:00PM at the Santa Ana Zoo in Prentice Park, 1801 Chestnut Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92701. 

Admission is $8.00 for adults, $5.00 for seniors and children 3-12 years. Children under three are free. For more information call 714-836-4000 or visit our website at: