Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Trivia!

Here's another question about the Santa Ana Zoo and an animal that lives there . Learn all kinds of fun facts and what to see when you visit the Zoo!

Here's your question for March 11:

What is the name for this type of monkey?

It should be obvious that this is a monkey, but what's up with that extreme moustache? This distinguishing feature and its resemblance to someone is how this type of monkey got it's name.
It is native to the Amazon Basin, in Peru, Bolivia and parts of Brazil. They are a Rainforest monkey, and live in the trees, so they jump quite well.
(*Hint - Find them at the Santa Ana Zoo near the end by Conservation Corner)

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We'll play for a family pass
to the Zoo (admission for 4 people), and will take 3 winners today.

Good Luck!


The answer is that this is the

Emperor Tamarin

Named for its moustache which spans the width of its shoulders, the Emperor Tamarin is named for its resemblance to German emperor Wilhelm II.
Congratulations to our winners!


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